August 21, 2009

Woo hoo!

The Vast Right-Wing Conpiracy is BACK!

And you don’t even actually have to be a Right-Winger to be a member. Centrist/pluralists also seem to be welcome. In fact, pretty much anyone who challenges the Holy ObamaDogma in the least degree can qualify, even liberals! At least, judging from the accusations and vitriol poured upon me by liberals about the blogosphere for simply noticing that the words coming out of the Democrats in Congress and the White House seem to be at odds with, well, reality.

That's right, you too can once again be an un-American scare-mongering jack-booted brown-shirted Nazi militia thug and tool of the GOP by un-patriotically dissenting, or even simply not nodding in agreement whenever an Obamabot begins spouting in public. You don't even have to pay any dues, it's all free!

I hope everyone kept their membership cards.

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