September 16, 2004

Campaign Balladeers

By a friend of mine....

Down the Dukakis Trail
(To the tune of "Ghost Riders in the Sky")

A veteran from Vietnam went out to Ioway
Upon his medals boasted as he stumped both night and day
When all at once a mighty herd of Deaniacs he saw
Come rushin' off the Internet and into Iowah

Yipie i ay yipie i oh
Down the Dukakis Trail

Their eyes were all on fire and their laptops made of steel
Their donor base was howling and their workers full of zeal
A bolt of fear went through the vet as they caucused far and wide
And Howard Dean was rising fast 'til he made his fateful cry

Down the Dukakis Trail

His face was flushed his eyes were wild his shirt was soaked with sweat
When he screamed and lost his lead to the Massachussetts vet
Who rode both sides of Vietnam to the nomination show
'Cause being both against and for's "electable" you know

Yipie i ay yipie i oh
Down the Dukakis Trail

But then some other vets appeared he heard one call his name
Your medals rust you've lost our trust but your head don't hang with shame
Make your peace with other soldiers or you're sure to feel our pain
As we tell all the nation of the fantasies you claimed

Yipie i ay yipie i oh
Down the Dukakis Trail
Down the Dukakis Trail
Down the Dukakis Trail....

Copyright S.D. Roberts 2004. Permission is hereby granted to use these words however you see fit as long as this copyright notice is included. Have fun with it.

September 08, 2004


What Would John Kerry Do?

I keep asking that question of Kerry supporters, hoping to find out the current platform and any honestly substantive agenda the candidate may have. I don't expect anyone to change my mind, but I honestly do want to know what Kerry has to recommend him other than being a rich Democrat senator from Massachussetts, as compared to a rich Texas Governor with an ex-Prez daddy. But I never seem to get any real answers. Instead I hear:


OK, I'll play along, he's Satan Incarnate. So, about that litigation abuse, WWJKD?


Well, he's a politician and I've seen his lips move, and I'm certainly not going to argue the relative degrees of verity with electronic wanna-be Jesuits. But to stem job outsourcing and smooth the bumps of a shifting world economic structure, WWJKD?


I know that. Everyone who's been within ten feet of any media outlet in the last year knows that. But what we don't know and would like to hear is, on say the impending implosion of Social Security and Medicare, WWJKD?


I'm sure everyone on all sides is thankful about that, not least of all Theresa Kerry and Laura Bush. But, in Iraq, WWJKD?


Yes yes, in Vietnam. We know. Which he really ought to quit talking about and try talking about some current issues instead, like structural reform of health care instead of more taxpayer-funded bandaids. So WWJKD?


Well, that's certainly one view with some validity, but it's kinda past-oriented. In terms of the future, WWJKD?


And so it goes.

September 04, 2004


A national Newsweek poll conducted September 2nd and 3rd and released today seems to confirm yesterday's TIME poll, indicating that Bush has a clear post-convention lead of 11 points, both head-to-head against Kerry and in three-way including Nader. The poll was of 1008 registered voters.

For the first time in over a year, the Newsweek polling shows a majority (53%) in favor of re-electing Bush. More interesting to me was the breakdown of whom voters would like to see as the 2008 Republican nominee. (Figures are shown as ALL/Republican respondees only). The top two were Rudy Giuliani (50%/65%) and John McCain (48%/47%). Arnold Schwarzennegger came in third at (22%/30%), and Jeb Bush, Bill Frist, and George Pataki brought up the rear.