April 21, 2004

Supporting the Troops

Much has been made about Spirit Of America's efforts to help out the American troops in Iraq in various ways. It's all over the blogosphere, and if you haven't seen a mention you should chastise the blog sites. I6t's not a pro-war or anti-war thing, it's just about letting our friends, relatives, and fellow citizens servng overseas know that we haven't forgotten them.

They're a fine organization, but if they aren't your cup of tea, there's also Books For Soldiers, which helps you send not just books but basic supplies to our troops. Things such as baby wipes, chapstick, socks, etc. that are in very short supply in The Sandbox. Good folks.

And there's also Soldier's Angels, which has an Adopt-A-Soldier program that fosters correspondence and support for deployed soldiers.

It's not much to ask--a few paperbacks, maybe some hard candy or a DVD, some "neccessaries." And it does a world of good. So pay 'em a visit, any of 'em, and do something to help out our men and women in uniform.

Selling Kerry

In the Washington Post today, an article on the insiders of the Kerry campaign and their plan to sell Kerry to the public as a "centrist." Says the Post...

As he prepares for the most ambitious and defining phase of his presidential candidacy, Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.) is relying on image-makers schooled in traditional Kennedy liberalism to sell himself anew to voters as a 21st-century centrist Democrat, a muscular hawk on national defense and deficits.

Old-School Team To Sell Kerry as Modern Centrist

What's wrong with this picture?

Other than the obvious, that Kerry isn't a centrist but an unreconstructed Massachussetts liberal?