September 25, 2009

Memory Hole

NEA Scrubs ‘Health Care Resource’ From Website
Not only has the NEA completely removed the link to what was essentially a lobbying demand for health care reform, but the AHIRC did a little scrubbing of their own to nudge the rhetoric closer to 501(c)(3)-ey territory…

...Without a word, the NEA, an agency that survives off our hard-earned tax dollars, is just allowed to disappear a direct link to a 501(c)(3) organization (started with a grant from the NEA!) that until yesterday seemed to exist only for the sole purpose of violating the very first law of a 501(c)(3)?

September 22, 2009

The Real Reform That Dare Not Speak Its Name least on the Democratic side of the aisle.

How Missouri Cut Junk Lawsuits
We showed how to do malpractice reform, if Congress wants a model.

Tort reform works. Missouri's medical malpractice claims are now at a 30-year low. Average payouts are about $50,000 below the 2005 average. Malpractice insurers are also turning a profit for the fifth year in a row—allowing other insurers to compete for business in Missouri. This will drive down costs, which will save government programs money as well as improve the system for patients. It will also leave doctors with more resources to invest in better care.

Of course, with the "Democratic" Party in the hip pocket of the tort bar, you're not likely to see it happen.

September 01, 2009


The real deal, as shown in this video of an HCAN organizer explaining to his team how to prevent constituents from asking embarrassing questions at town hall meetings, by shouting them down and blocking them off.

Remember this when leftists tell you Tea Party people are not grassrooters.

UPDATE: This just keeps getting better and better. From the same town hall, video of a different HCAN organizer passing out prepared signs to their bused-in protesters.

Props to Gateway Pundit.