August 11, 2009

The BackTrack Begins

Faced with massive opposition, the Obama admin appears to be about to do something that Pelosi and Reid won't be able to do. Namely, backtracking from cram-down on health care and moving to a "dialogue" position.

Expect some serious reconciliatory HopeChange™ in the near future as the polls and events continue to move strongly against the Dem's steamroller cram-down approach.

UPDATE: Further thoughts from Jennifer Rubin. Money quote:
There is no playbook for the liberal establishment when they are in power while the crowds and much of the new media are in fevered opposition. After all it is the Left that is supposed to be filled with righteous indignation at the “establishment.” Moreover, the intensity is largely now on the side of the anti-ObamaCare forces — quite a reversal from the Bush era.

They can either change the substance (i.e., scrap ObamaCare and start over) or try a different sales pitch. Absent either of those course corrections, it is hard to see how things can improve for the Democratic congressional leadership and the president. Indeed, the longer this goes on, the more likely they are to turn off more and more of the portion of the electorate that is most likely to show up at the polls on Election Day 2010.

Indeed. I think the President while callow and shallow is still somewhat brighter than the average bear, which is why I expect a backtrack in the near future as it becomes more and more obvious that the Dem party is shooting itself in the ass with the ObamaCare cramdown approach. IMHO it's almost too late for any "different sales approach" -- it would have to be brilliant to pull it off, and brilliance has not been noticeably on display. Expect the first major thing on the chopping block to be the stealth single-payer "public option."

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