August 25, 2009

Tax Me! Tax Me!

What you're not hearing from Obama's young least according to Beth Fouhy's WaPo article today.

OK, Fouhy doesn't say that. What she does say is that Obama's younger scocial-networking supporters see health care as an old-folks issue. Fouhy seems to miss the idea that their notable lack of enthusiasm may also be related to more direct causes than slacker ennui. Namely that so many of those young Obamites are among the "healthy uninsured" who would be forced into buying expensive insurance policies they don't really think they need in order to subsidize the ObamaCare system.

Remember, at least a good quarter of the uninsured are healthy young employed adults between 19 and 35 who have made the rational (for them) economic decision to put their income somewhere other than into insurance that is unlikely to show anything resembling a positive return on their investment. These are the fiscal prize for the "universal coverage" crowd -- without those healthy uninsured there's no "free money" revenue pool to subsidize the unhealthy uninsured, for whom we are already paying anyway.

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