May 13, 2009

Pigs Fly....

...and Hell has frozen over. Associated Press is fact-checking Teh ObaMessiah Administration.

FACT CHECK: Data belie Biden stimulus anecdotes
Many of the claims the White House is making are based on anecdotes selected to fit the Obama administration's message. For instance, the report cites a newspaper article about workers being rehired at a factory in Chicago. That account is true, but is no more an accurate snapshot of the nation's economy than a story, not cited in the report, about a Roanoke, Va., railcar factory closing.

Capturing the full effect of the stimulus at this early stage is difficult, but the administration has set high bars for success. In championing those successes, however, the White House plays a little loose with the facts.

They keep this up and they might improve from Flying Pig to Stopped Clock.

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