May 06, 2009


As Glenn Reynolds says, they told me if I voted for John McCain that there would be federal agents "Gitmoing" ordinary Americans on the flimsiest charges of "terrorism." And they were right!

The Lundeby home was stormed by federal agents, 16-year-old Ashton Lundeby was handcuffed and arrested on charges of making "numerous terroristic threats," moved hundreds of miles away from his family to a juvenile detention facility in another state, and has been held in tight federal custody ever since with his parents allowed very little access. His court date keeps being shoved back, and the case is under a federal gag order. Lundeby has an apparently air-tight alibi for the only known "crime time" in question, and no prior record of anything but being a normal and well-behaved home-schooled 10th-grader.

While we sure don't have all the facts yet (and under the federal gag order, little chance of getting them) at this point the kindest interpretation of what is known is that a 16-year-old is being held incommunicado in federal high-security custody for one of two things: either for making prank phone calls, or for having had his IP used OR FAKED by others to route prank phone calls. The latter looks about 100 times more likely than the former at this point.

I'd advise the Lundebys to get their Congresscritter on the ball, but it appears he's too busy telling the American people that when it comes to questionable government practices and Congressional oversight of same, we can forget it. We're on our own.

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