January 20, 2011

California's Creative Disaster Preparedness Plan

As reported by IowaHawk:

As you may have read recently, a panel of 100 scientists is now warning that the state of California faces the risk of severe “superstorms” that could inflict more that $400 billion in economic damages to our state economy. According to these predictions, such storms could bring more than 120 inches of rain to the Central Valley, and last as long as 40 days. And, possibly, nights.

In anticipation of such a catastrophic event, I will soon begin seeking $75 billion in emergency supplementary appropriations from the California Assembly and federal sources for the construction of the California SuperArk, a state-of-the-art mass transportation vehicle which will help insure the sustainability of our state and its endangered species.

Chase the linky to read the rest. Being as it's Jerry Brown's idea, I'm sure that this is the real deal, and not some scam whereby the requested federal funding would be diverted to shore up the state's minor current deficit.

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