July 17, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Personally, I believe that anyone who has more than a couple of bumper stickers of any kind on their vehicle is likely to be somewhat deranged. Experience has to date supported this view.


Todd said...

Old "friend" from Centerfield, just stopping by after noticing that you seem to have disappeared from Stubborn Facts.

I have always admired (if not agreed with) your thoughtful analyses of issues in support of your opinions, but I see that you are still a strong conservative who seeks to move the definition of a "centrist" to the right. Your definitions of ideology have consistently been that conservative = centrist, independent = liberal, and a non-Ben Nelson Democrat = nutjob. You are Krauthammer. I don't necessarily disagree with you on a bunch of stuff, but I don't understand why your deny you true ideology.

Anyway, I hope that that Jeep that you rebuilt is still serving you well.

Respectfully - TCP

Tully said...
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Tully said...

PS -- the Jeep managed to simultaneously blow the head gasket and the front axle (bouncing it off of a rock probably didn't help) and went to the Great Boneyard in the sky. The Suburban followed shortly thereafter, cancer of the body having progressed so far that another rebuild was not advisable. Between the two of them they had over 600K miles on them at retirement. When I say I'm gonna drive a car to death, I mean it! :-)

Tully said...

Hiya Todd! Hope all is well with you. But you are misrepresenting my opinions.

I've never said I was a centrist. I am a reality-oriented pragmatic pluralist, fiscally conservative and socially liberal, with years of experience working in real public program administraion including in low-income communities. If that makes you see me as a "strong conservative," all I can say is what Margaret Thatcher said about reality being conservative. More precisely, I am dreadfully lacking in the faith in fairy dust that is required to be fiscally liberal, and in the heartless self-righteousness required to be "culturally conservative" in the modern sense.

Todd said...

I will admit that centrist is a somewhat meaningless term anyway. If you are ever in the Twin Cities, look me up and we can catch a game at Target Field and a beer at Gluek's.

Too bad that the 10 run rule is not in effect in MLB.

Tully said...

Yeah, that's one reason I don't use "centrism" much -- the meaning is dependent on the user, the term having been claimed by the DLC back in the 90's to specifically mean the more moderate New Democrat neo-liberalism, but understood by most of the rest of us to mean those not at the polar extremes, which covers a LOT of territory. And it even has multiple meanings in doctrinaire Marxism as well.

I live almost within walking (stumbling) distance of my local college's ballpark, go to most home games in the spring, and they have the 10 run rule 7th inning and later for conference play. When it applies it either spares you two innings of misery or deprives you of two innings of giddy gloating, depending on which end of the score your team is on ... :-)

Cranky Critter said...

Heya Tully. I surfed by for the sake of checking out your blog prior to giving you attribution for "comparative political demonology" at my new blog, the cranky critter>

I am going to have to save your quote that goes " I am dreadfully lacking in the faith ... in the modern sense."

Good on you. As I stated, you're an honorary cranky critter.

Hey Todd. I remember you from the centerfield days when I was bk. If you are still looking for folks uncomfortable with either fringe's lunacy, go ahead and stop by donklephant,. not least because there's a post rounding up moderate sites that are currently active.

We all know centrism is a troublesome term. I use it only in the sense of indicating that community of folks who will seriously entertain ideas from both sides.