July 11, 2009

HopeChange: Transparency Redux

Broken Promises
When the New York Times published the story, five bills had been presented to the president and were awaiting his signature. Four more were presented to him after the story’s publication. All nine are now law. And for the life of me, I can’t find where any of them have been posted on Whitehouse.gov.

Because they haven't been. But hey, that's just recent history.

And it’s becoming more clear that the five-day promise could be implemented. At this point, only one of 39 bills that the president has signed has been posted for five days in advance. (The DTV Delay Act was actually not held five days after formal presentment, but the White House posted it after the final version had passed Congress.) Twenty-four other bills have been held at the White House five days or more before the President has signed them. They just haven’t been posted.

HopeChange™! The most transparent administration in history!

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