April 12, 2009

Navy, Jack!

Pedicaris alive or Ruisali dead...or both. No other acceptable option. Luck comes to those who prepare for it.

I still think there's a yardarm shortage.

UPDATE: Official: US sea captain freed in swift firefight
The negotiations between the elders and American officials have broken down. The reason is American officials wanted to arrest the pirates in Puntland and elders refused the arrest of the pirates," said the commissioner, Abdi Aziz Aw Yusuf. He said he organized initial contacts between the elders and the Americans.

There was in my humble American opinion no negotiation to be made aside from this: "There will be no ransoms paid. Release Captain Phillips alive, and you can live to face trial. Fail to do so and you will die. Those are your only options."

I hope they got a good GPS fix on the pirate's "clan elders." They should be next.

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