March 09, 2009

David Axelrod, Official Echo Chamber

From the morally bankrupt New York Times:

It is known as the Wednesday Night Meeting, an invitation-only session for a handful of advisers, nearly all of whom played a key role in paving Mr. Obama’s path to the Oval Office. The location varies, but in a recent week Mr. Axelrod, a senior adviser to the president, was feeling under the weather, so a group that he says is “like family to me” met at his place.

....Jon Favreau, the president’s chief speechwriter, said there was a familiar refrain during these meetings, with Mr. Axelrod urging the team not to become consumed by the insularity of Washington. “Can I speak on behalf of the American people here?” he said Mr. Axelrod often asks aloud.

That is precisely why, Mr. Axelrod said, he convened the Wednesday Night Meetings: to keep the pulse of what people were thinking. Locked in the White House all day, he added, he can no longer hear those voices on his own.

So, um, the President's chief advisor finds out what "the people" are thinking by close consultation with Obama loyalists wielding focus group results. Am I the only one that thinks that just maybe he's getting a somewhat, er, filtered message?

Kind of like Wikipedia readers are?

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