December 31, 2003

Naw, Bush had Nothing to Do With Libya Coming Clean....

I mentioned this elsewhere about ten days ago, but couldn't provide a reference for what should be obvious reasons--the news was not yet "public" and the person who provided it sure wasn't going to tag their name on it. So when folks wrote and called me a liar, I had to bite my tongue and take my lumps, not being Matt Drudge or anyone resembling him.

The accusation was that Libya's decision to come clean on their WMD programs was NOT a response to the Iraq invasion, or to any U.S. enforcement of WMD restrictions. When I said otherwise and cited this incident, I was castigated for making things up. Some folks just can't concede that the Bush strategy in the Middle East has had some positive results. So now that it's public knowledge, here's what really provided the final impetus for Qadaffi's sudden change of heart, and brought him to the table.

U.S. Blocked Centrifuge Parts for Libya

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