November 18, 2003


A follow-up to Sunday's blog on the Medicare bill and the health care system, and on the Al-Qaeda/Iraq memo leak.

An editorial in today's NEW YORK TIMES that addresses universal health care in a fairly sane fashion--well worth your time to read. Followed by a frank piece on the monster that is the Medicare "Drug" bill, by E.J. Dionne, Jr. in the WASHINGTON POST. Also well worth your time.

The Universal Cure

Medicare Monstrosity

(Someone wanted to know why I said "Year 75" in the title of the health care piece. Answer: Because it's been 75 years since the invention of antibiotics, which I consider the most definitive date for the birth of modern medicine, and the beginning of the enshrinement of doctors and drugmakers as the modern gods of life and death. Some might argue for the introduction of antiseptic procedures, but there's no real firm date on that so I went the easy route.)

From Yahoo News/AP comes this first confirmation on the authenticity of the Al-Qaeda/Iraq memo leaked last week via the Weekly Standard, as noted here on Saturday.

Senate Panel Eyes Justice Dept. Leak Probe

No point in probing the leak unless the memo is actually genuine. QED.

Lastly, I'm not sure how people manage to get the email address I removed due to uncontrolled spamming, but the mail keeps trickling in even though the spam level dropped. I'll figure something out to restore email contact without it turning into a spambot spiderfest. I'm also going to get the comment function going again. As always, utter morons deleted, mindless rants ridiculed, thoughtful commentary and discussion greatly encouraged. And as always, my html skills remain on a par with my brain surgery talents and fiduciary prowess, so don't hold your breath too long, or expect anything flashy.

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