October 07, 2003

The Governator!

My call--Davis out, Arnold by a landslide. Props 53 and 54 down in flames. [UPDATE: Recall YES by 9%, Arnold with 48%. Bustamante 32%, McClintock 13%, still waiting on word about Mary Carey...Props 53 & 54 losers almost 2-1.]

After over a decade of increasingly dirty tricks and over-the-top ridiculous smear tactics, the electorate seems to be taking last-minute smears as endorsements. Too bad their weren't any decent candidates this time around. The networks are going to "officially" call the election in about 20 minutes, but the word is already out.

And Terry McAuliffe is already trying to gain traction out of the loss, saying that the voters will do the same to Bush that they did to Davis. The obvious--the Dems will call California an isolated incidient, a strictly local phenomenon--and at the same time try to paint it as an anti-incumbent trend that will hurt Bush.

And Dems all over the country will whine, whine, whine in the most bitter fashion, never believing that their continuing whining played a large part in the defeat.

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